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‘A Positive Attitude is Your Most Powerful Commodity’ States QQ

‘A Positive Attitude is Your Most Powerful Commodity’ States QQ

In response to a new study from the University of Freiburg, sales and marketing agency QQ is urging professionals to harness the real power of positivity so that they can rise above the competition.

This month, The University of Freiburg published a major study into how mental state impacts performance. The study, which focused on 78 men and women between 18 and 32 years of age, asked participants to assess how athletic they were, and then either shown a short film that celebrated the physical benefits of riding a stationary bike, or one which lowered expectations.  Participants then took part in a 30-minute workout throughout which researchers asked them how much strain they were under.

The study found that participants who started the workout with positive expectations and greater confidence in their ability found it less strenuous, and identifies the mental barriers that prevent people from overcoming challenges. QQ believe this research to have an essential application in business.

“When you go into a challenge or competitive environment with a negative attitude or low confidence, you’re not going to have the power or energy to fight; you’re going to let your situations rule you,” stated a spokesperson from the agency. “A positive attitude can transform how you approach challenges and allows you to see things from alternative perspectives, which in business, is essential to rising above the competition and hitting goals.”

QQ so firmly believes in the power of a positive attitude that it brings its people together at the start of each day for collaborative and momentum boosting meeting. These meetings celebrate the week’s successes and encourage interaction; giving everyone a platform to voice their thoughts and loosen up before starting the day. Since beginning these meetings, QQ has seen the confidence and energy among its workforce soar and believes that this has been a contributing factor in the agency’s continued success.