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Exposed: QQ share Seven steps to becoming a millionaire by 30.

Exposed: QQ share Seven steps to becoming a millionaire by 30.

With many professionals looking for a shortcut to success, QQ expose the top 7 tips that have created millionaires before their 30th birthday.

QQ are entrepreneurial supporters and have mentored up and coming businessmen and women, assisting them to lay the foundations of creating a financially secure future.

As part of their professional development programme, QQ encourage budding business owners to set goals for themselves and set their sights on big achievements.

1. Prioritise as early as possible. Getting a head start is vital, setting an idealistic vision of significant accomplishments for turning 30.Once those ideas are in place, it is time to set about a plan. Understanding sacrifices will need to be made crucial in the strive for success.

2. Start following the money. When selecting a route to financial freedom, it is key to choose a large industry and seek out opportunities to multiply earnings.By carefully addressing opportunities and following avenues which offer significant remuneration returns.

3. Nurture a growth mindset. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, completed decades of research to conclude the human brain is pliable.With effort and exposure to expertise, new skills can be developed, and opportunities can improve. When promotions aren’t achieved in the workplace, it is vital to compare skill sets against the winning candidate and devise an action plan to ensure proper positioning is obtained for upcoming openings.

4. Diversify your streams of income. Modern businessmen and women are exploring additional avenues to generate income.Thomas C. Corley, a well-known author, found that self-made millionaires had multiple streams of revenue, with more than half (65%) obtaining three streams of income. The idea of multiple streams allows economic downturns to have minimal impact on earning potential as the other streams offer a damage control facility.

5. Implement the 50/20/30 budget. Budgeting is key to maximise opportunities to achieve millionaire status.A great starting point for budgeting is 50/20/30 budget. By allocating 50% of income to essential outlays including food, housing and transport. 20% dedicated to savings and the final 30% can be assigned to personal, non-essential purchases.

6. Save for the right reasons. Investing money into untouchable accounts is an excellent way to practice discipline. These funds are designed to provide a base to build millionaire status upon.

7. Manage your debt. Be aware of mindless spending.Interest charges will limit investment power and will hold back any long-term financial plans. Use credit cards wisely, shop around and utilise rewards and cashback offers.

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