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Motivational Workshop Takes Place at QQ to Celebrate Their 400 Percent Growth

Motivational Workshop Takes Place at QQ to Celebrate Their 400 Percent Growth

The New York based sales specialists, QQ have experienced exponential growth over the last two months, which has resulted in a spectacular 400 percent growth in their workforce. To celebrate, the firm’s President, Lewis Morton, recently shared some of his secrets to success.

Over the last few months, QQ’s president Lewis Morton has been working extremely hard to drive and motivate his office of talented budding entrepreneurs.  As a result of this drive, the firm has experienced an outstanding 400 percent growth in their workforce. This growth has resulted in the firm going from strength to strength, breaking sales records and developing a strong company culture that is a force to be reckoned with in the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

Lewis has experienced this growth in his New York-based office and since has been encouraging and mentoring other business owners around the world to help them reach (and maybe surpass!) his level of growth for their own companies.

“Short-term goals are equal to a sugar rush, it feels great for a while, but then comes the crash,said Lewis Morton.  “Budding entrepreneurs need to stop thinking short-term and start looking more at fulfilling their mid-term goals, which will make their success more sustainable added Lewis Morton.

Lewis Morton believes that the growth rate of his firm is due to some key things that he has been teaching his workforce.  The entrepreneur has been explaining how other business owners can become successful if they follow these essential tips and decided to share this advice in a motivational workshop to celebrate the firm’s 400 percent growth rate.

1) Lewis Morton believes that good things come to those who work hard and are willing to wait for success.  He has taught his workforce to be patient and highlighted the importance of delayed gratification during his workshop.  “The more difficult path that involves delaying pleasure will result in far better rewards,” explained Lewis Morton.

2) Lewis has been speaking to his workforce about the value of medium-term motivation.  Everyone knows about long-term motivation (e.g. goals to buy a house or make a big purchase or life decision), and people always practice short-term goals (e.g. eating out in a nice restaurant or buying a new item of clothing).  But short-term goals wear off easily just like a sugar rush and Lewis believes that the often overlooked mid-term goals are what makes success sustainable.

3) It is essential to carefully manage the expectations of both the clients and a workforce to make sure everyone is satisfied and experiencing the results they are looking for and deserve. Lewis Morton believes that when people start to see their hard work pay off and produce excellent results because of it, they will maintain high levels of motivation and productivity which are necessary for success.

By taking on-board and practising these essential nuggets of advice, Lewis Morton is confident that people are more likely to have high self-belief, build belief in their leader and be motivated to make more sustainable changes.  All of which will make their business a success, not only in the short term, but for the long haul.