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QQ Aiming High and Smashing Growth Records

QQ Aiming High and Smashing Growth Records

The President of New York-based sales specialists, QQ, has been explaining how their recent achievements have spurred the firm to aim higher and how he is teaching the firm’s contractors the benefits of mid-term goals.

The focal point of Lewis Morton’s efforts have been on expanding his team of talented entrepreneurs and sales contractors. QQ’s President is keen to continue to build his business empire and extend to a range of other territories, across the USA and worldwide, so is thrilled to be bringing over fifteen people a day through the firm’s in-depth business development programme.

As a result of QQ’s intense recruitment drive, there has been a massive boost in talent.  QQ’s recruitment team has been interviewing over 300 excellent candidates every day, which has triggered an impressive 400% growth in their workforce. This magnification has given the firm the incentive to aim their sights higher and drive their growth plans to new and unprecedented heights.

To get his contractors enthusiastic about their development plans, Lewis has been teaching them the art of mid-term goal setting. The entrepreneur recently said, “Short-term goals are equal to a sugar rush, it feels great for a while, but then comes the crash when they wear off. Entrepreneurs need to stop thinking short-term and start looking more at fulfilling their mid-term goals.” Lewis believes that the often overlooked mid-term goals are what makes success sustainable long-term.

Athletes use mid-term goals to help get them where they need to be and succeed in their sport. Because competition is one of QQ’s core values, Lewis Morton has been using the example of mid-term goal setting by competitive athletes and how business professionals can apply this same mentality. Goal setting in sport and business helps to boost motivation and mid-term goals help to maintain high levels of concentration when completing short-term goals that contribute towards to an outcome.

Lewis Morton believes that goals keep an individual motivated to turn their invisible dreams into a visible reality. As a mentor, Lewis Morton hands the responsibility of goal setting over to his contractors because setting their own goals can often boost how invested each person is in improving themselves and competing to be the best.