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QQ Announce Plans to Drive Success through Competition

QQ Announce Plans to Drive Success through Competition

Having recently reported a 400% growth in their recruitment, QQ has announced plans to push their success further through creating a friendly and competitive environment.

QQ has three core values; Competition, Travel, and Creativity. The company motto is dominate, not compete. The experiential marketing experts feel that it is essential to drive the competitive mentality amongst their employees, as competition is the driving force for success.

They have developed a recognition and reward culture, offering bonuses, incentives, and prizes to those who hit their targets and consistently perform well. The company director believes that a competitive environment drives success and they have announced plans to drive further success through competition.

QQ is hoping to harness the advantages of competition to drive their business success in the following areas.

  1. Creative Thinking

Competition makes people think outside the box and look for better ways to work to get the desired results. Creative thinking is integral to driving success.

  1. Identify Strength and Weaknesses

Competition forces people to look inside themselves to identify strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging both is pivotal because understanding strengths allows someone to focus on what they are good at and utilizing them. Accepting weaknesses is essential to help people work to improve.

  1. Stops Complacency

Without competition, people can become complacent, and standards can drop. Competition automatically pushes people to try harder and do whatever it takes to win.

  1. Urgency

With competition comes deadlines and having a deadline to work towards instills a sense of urgency. QQ believe that urgency is critical for achieving success.

  1. Makes people seek knowledge

One of the best ways to outperform the competition is to be informed. QQ has cultivated a culture of education, and they urge their people every day to have a thirst for knowledge and capitalize on every learning opportunity.

  1. Drives productivity

When people have an incentive to work towards, it boosts motivation and desire which in turn leads to a boost in work ethic and an increase in productivity.

  1. Morale

QQ is proud of the recognition and reward culture they have developed, and they believe that competition and offering incentives has resulted in a boost to morale. The experiential marketing experts argue that morale is vital to creating an engaged and loyal workforce.

  1. Winning Mentality

One of the most significant benefits of competition is the creation of a winning mentality. QQ contend that developing a winning attitude is pivotal to business success. The firm argues that competition helps people to unleash their competitive edge and develop a winning mentality.

QQ is proud to have cultivated a fantastic company culture where they drive competition and success in everything they do. They are a firm that offers a tremendous platform for competitive people to thrive and take control of their own success.