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QQ Encourage Staff to Develop their Creativity

QQ Encourage Staff to Develop their Creativity

New York-based firm QQ have been encouraging their staff to tap into their creativity to become better entrepreneurs.

Experiential marketing specialists, QQ has three core values; competition, travel, and creativity. Their motto is ‘dominate, not compete,’ and the firm’s management team contend that providing a culture where their staff can develop creatively is pivotal in helping the firm dominate in their field.

As creativity is one of QQ’s core values, the firm is keen to get their staff thinking about their success in a broader way and believe that introducing creativity is an excellent way to do that.

According to the ACS index, a quantitative measure used to examine the linkage between creativity and business performance, creativity is associated with superior performance. Creativity inspires innovation, which is something QQ stands for. Creativity also helps develop leadership skills and QQ contend that successful companies are built on foundations of strong leadership.

In a fast-paced workplace where time is limited, establishing a climate conducive to creative thinking and problem solving can be difficult. New York-based QQ has revealed how they foster creativity at their company.

Continuous learning

QQ believe that unless people are constantly refilling the creative pool, then eventually the well will run dry. As a firm with a culture that promotes and nurtures development, the experiential marketing specialists encourage staff to act like a sponge, seeking new information and absorbing all available knowledge. The firm attends quarterly industry conferences, where top figures in the industry share advice to help attendees learn, grow and develop. QQ argues that having an inquisitive mind and continuously seeking to learn is a critical element of developing creativity.


Brainstorming sessions are an incredibly useful tool to help people get involved and share their thoughts. Brainstorming sessions spark creativity and get people thinking. QQ encourage regular brainstorming sessions to help staff share their ideas and suggest new strategies and methods of working.


Research suggests creativity flourishes in a spontaneous, fun and playful environment. At QQ they are proud to have developed a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment. The firm doesn’t have the typical corporate culture, and they believe that is one of the secrets to their success. At QQ they have fostered a permissive atmosphere in which individuality and humor are acceptable, and people feel comfortable contributing opinions and thinking outside the box.

With a network of global partners, QQ New York can offer an outreach into almost every corner of the globe. The firm offer uniquely individualized campaigns that can reach the masses. They are a young firm with substantial growth goals, and they believe that urging their staff to develop their creativity will drive the firm’s expansion.