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QQ unveil the importance of their three core values

QQ unveil the importance of their three core values

Competition, travel, and creativity. These are the three core values the New York-based firm conduct their successful business by. In this piece, the firm explains why these three values are so important to them.

QQ understand the integral part core values have in a business’s ability to achieve and maintain success. Core values rest at the center of all companies. They support the vision, shape the culture and reflect the companies values back to the consumer. It can be a common belief that core values are what make up a business’s identity. Without core values, a company will struggle to run smoothly regardless of technical competencies. QQ ran an educational workshop to ensure their staff understood the importance of core values and the internal and external advantages for the company.

Decision Making – Core values will help determine if a product is ready to market, if it meets all the values, a company can confidently introduce the product. If any values aren’t met the product should return to testing or be eliminated.

Client Education – Often clients will look to work with a company whose values match theirs, it is crucial core values are communicated to maximize competitive advantage in the market.

Elite staffing – It is vital to attract the highest quality team and retain them. By sharing values regularly and maintaining standards the engagement levels will increase and turnover will reduce.

At QQ the company core values are at the heart of every action, in a recent interview, a spokesperson for the firm said, “Our values are integral to our whole motivation and the goals we set. We think it’s important for all budding entrepreneurs to understand how these three values drive success in different ways.”

QQ New York shares their values with the outside world urging them to understand their brand identity and gather a better visual on their identity. Anyone looking to join an organization with strong values should enquire through their website.

1) Travel – It is an integral part of being a successful entrepreneur – It expands the mind and horizons and inspires people to look for a different way of doing things.

2) Competition – Every successful business owner is competitive – Competition encourages people to do better and set bigger goals for themselves.

3) Creativity – It is part of innovation and successful business owners drive innovation.