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When things are going well, practice delayed gratification says QQ.

When things are going well, practice delayed gratification says QQ.

Successful business owner, Lewis Morton is a firm believer in celebrating achievements but also maintaining momentum. The QQ President recently explained how he practices delayed gratification and teaches his contractors to do the same.

Working with some of the industry’s most competitive workers QQ New York are always on the lookout for ways to encourage their employees to become better entrepreneurs. President of the firm Lewis Morton has been practicing the principles of Walter Mischel’s 1970 study into delayed gratification. In a controlled experiment group, four-year-old children were offered a single marshmallow or two marshmallows if they could wait for 20 minutes. The study was designed to test the link between success and the ability to delay gratification.  Follow up studies demonstrated those who waited for the more substantial prize were overall more successful, scoring highly on further tests on self-esteem and physical and mental health. Mr Morton understands the importance of delayed gratification in business and is working with the team at QQ ensuring they have a well-educated mindset toward the challenges ahead.

The firm is committed to growing throughout 2018, striving to boost their market reach for their clients new and old.  To fulfill these goals, fresh managers will need to be developed, through systematic training and coaching. The firm uses their unique approach to education, exploring different theories surrounding success and leadership in business with their workforce. President, Lewis Morton recently held a workshop, designed to expose the benefits of patience and seeking a long-term larger scale win.

Take home points from the workshop included:

Self-control – Becoming aware of personal choices, knowing when to wait and when to execute is an excellent business skill which will boost the potential of a long-term career.

Strong mindset – Being confident enough to wait for a greater reward, when a quick win is available, offering less long-term benefits to a goal.

Discipline – The ability to avoid temptation and not follow what peers are doing, instead forging a personal path to success through sacrifice and self-awareness.